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Call it what you will: poop, puppy bombs, poo, doggy doo-doo, canine feces, dog pie, Collie crap, Schnauzer scheisse, or just plain #2.

Whatever you call them, after a long day at work, aren't you just too "pooped" to clean up poo?

If you love your pets but hate to pick up after them, let The Poop Squad, Inc. do it for you!

The Poop Squad, Inc. provides professional pet waste removal services! Whether your backyard is a hotel for dogs or your home is a haven for cats, our friendly staff is up to the challenge. We are family-owned and operated and a step above the competition!

• Rates starting as low as $9.00
• Keeping Kentucky and Indiana yards clean since 1998
• Satisfaction guaranteed

We keep your lawn doo-doo free so you can spend time on more important matters! Contact us at 502-639-5275 or toll free at 1-800-DOG-POOP (800-364-7667) to set up service! Ask about any special promotions or discounts.


 •  198 Brackett Cemetery Rd.  Upton, KY 42784 •

COMPANY HISTORY and Friendly Links
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